Nature is one of the great equalizers. It crosses barriers of race, geography and culture. There are infinite ways to engage with nature, from floristry and floriculture, to scaling a mountain, from textiles, music, to the food we eat, from healing and meditation, from Yoga to the Dreamtime...


Anamundi is the brainchild of Jasmine Christie, a florist, stylist and artistic activist based in Mullumbimby, Australia.

Beginning as a set and costume designer, Jasmine graduated with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Majoring in Production Design) at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 2010, before pursing formal training in floristry through Pearson's School of Floristry in Sydney.

Jasmine has worked extensively in the theatre, film and television industries as a designer, florist and stylist. In addition to design, Jasmine's passion for flowers and botanicals has evolved into an exciting and rewarding artistic journey. In 2017, Jasmine undertook a floristry apprenticeship under Sarah Ryhanen at the renowned Saipua Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Anamundi brings together an ongoing obsession for nature with a passion for culture and community. It is personal commitment towards the evolution of nature-based arts and the celebration of its' artists both locally and abroad.

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