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New Moon Flowering: Mullumbimby

  • Anamundi Studio Shop 1, 105 Stuart St Mullumbimby Australia (map)

New Moon // or Amavasya In Sanskrit, "amā" / "together" and "vásya" / "cohabit".

Flowering // adj.
i.(of a plant) to bear flowers; to blossom, to bloom, 
ii. to arrive to a full stage of development; to grow completely, richly.

The New Moon // a time of new beginnings, igniting intentions and planting seeds, a time for reconnecting with nature, diving into our expressive bodies and embodying our creative potential. Flowers, moon musings, meditation and magic. An intimate and relaxed evening of community connection and creative play

No floristry experience necessary, all floral and botanical materials provided. 

Food & Drink provided

Limited spaces available